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bring your own boobs ; used in orgies to keep single men out ; this does not apply to women since more women are always wanted.
guy: hey byob party tonight

girl: but I am my own byob

guy: are you sure your pretty ugly
by steven728 November 26, 2011
1 1
bring your own basket. Yell this especially on Easter.
1- "Is there gonna be an egg hunt?"
2- "Yeah, B.Y.O.B SONN!"
1- "You okay mom?"
by Whoopiee! June 20, 2009
2 2
1. A term used by many people that can stand for various things including:
Bring Your Own Beer
Bring Your Own Boobs
Bring Your Own Booze
Bring Your Own Bacon
Bring Your Own Bitches
2. A kick-ass song by System Of A Down off their third studio album titled Mezmerize that, like the majority of their songs, deals with politics.
1. BYOB- Bring Your Own Beer

2. I love the song B.Y.O.B. by System Of A Down, it's awesome.
by Thebestoriginalusernameever666 October 14, 2012
1 2
Bring Your Own Bomb

From the song "B.Y.O.B"
"If you want a good fucking party, B.Y.O.B and stick it up your governments ass!!"
by -Nicko- January 22, 2009
9 10
Bring your own beer/bottle/booze/beverage

Used when an event or restaurant will not be serving alcohol. Lets patron know that if they'd like to get drunk, they will have to facilitate it themselves.
BBQ at Mike's tomorrow. Will serve plenty of soda but BYOB.
by Jamesch April 06, 2010
5 7
Bring your own bottle. This can mean any type of liquor.
Please come to my B.Y.O.B. Happy Hour.
by mimi22 October 03, 2008
3 5
BYOB - Bash Your Own Bible

Commonly shouted at christian preachers who acost teenagers in my town (swindon)
Preacher - "Have your read the prayer?"
Teenager 1 - "Errr no" *looks around for help*
Teenager 2 "BYOB!!"
by Viveash_girl May 11, 2009
4 9