buy your own burger
"im not payin for Micky D"s this time, BYOB."
by ChazRAt April 24, 2010
It's an acronym, "Bring your own beer." Mainly used as a code word on texts, computer, etc.
Ryoma: I often think that soccer games in America relate quite well to hardcore Mexican burrito parties because they are both words we use that have different meanings in different countries. Get it? Like BYOB in Mexico means "Bring Your Own Burritos," but down here it means "Bring Your Own Beer." Hahahahahahaha. Get it? Get it? And how like America calls it soccer but the rest of the world calls it football. God damn man. That's some crazy shit i just realized. Damn. Hahahahahahaha. huh?

Mac: ...

Ryoma: Do you get it. huh?

Mac: *drag* *drag*

Ryoma: YO MAC!

Mac: What the fuck do you wunt!? WHAT!!!

Ryoma: Oh, do you get it?

Mac: Brah! Shudup erredeh!

Ryoma: :(
by Ryomageddon April 04, 2010
BYOB = Bring Your Own Build. The term is used alot in games, such as GuildWars.

Used alot in random parties, where people dont really care.
The term is used when someone is setting upp a party, and someone says.

A: Need me to take some special build?
B: No, BYOB.

by Tala Nightwing April 20, 2009
bounce your own balls!
hey scottie, please byob!
by -asdfghjkl- August 02, 2010
Bring Your own but
what people tell you when they invite you to a party, but dont like the people u hang with
hey wana come to my party?
sure sounds kool.
oh but byob max is realy annoying!
by connortollie October 01, 2009
Bring your own blunt.

"Hey man, what's going on tonight?"
"Be at my place by 10pm. BYOB"
"BYOB? What's that mean?"
"There's a party motherfucker, bring your own blunt. God damn"
by Jay - P May 07, 2007
BYOB changes with age. As a child it simply stands for bring your own bed, used mainly during a sleepover to say, "bring a sleepingbag" as you get older, it means bring your own beer,as beer will not be served.
Johnny(age 5) BYOB, friends, it'll be a great sleepover!

Johnny(age 15) its a party, BYOB...

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