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Often found on street corners talking some nonsense about god and amusing the general public.
General crowd: "LOL!"
by T&Capply May 27, 2008
An American comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon with 66 monthly issues and some other miniseries.

The series contain a lot of foul language, anti-religious stance, anti-racist stance (which is indicated shortly as: people are fine but Americans are a bit fine-r even if they are all rednecks), sexuality, perversion, violance, sci-fi/fantasy items, drugs and alcohol etc.


The plot revolves around the three main characters: Preacher Jesse Custer, gunfreak Tulip O'Hare and their Irish vampire friend Proinsias Cassidy; trying to track down God to make him answer that why he'd left heaven and creation while a lotta folks are praying to him for some reason. In the meantime they have to face many rivals such as: Saint of Killers, Jesse's family, the Grail, the Meatman etc.

----End of the Spoiler----
'Fuck you Gran'ma. Fuck you an' alla your monsters.'
- Preacher #12
by brujahonly August 04, 2009
Also see the word "Fucknut"
Dude, you're pulling a Preacher
by Ali November 28, 2004
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