Bring Your Own Booze.
If you ever go to a kenyan party make sure to B.Y.O.Booze and weed, cus there won't be none.
and be prepared to break up a fight!
Them motherf***ers are selfish!~
by Caash December 13, 2007
"B.Y.O.B" (Bring Your Own Bombs) is a Grammy Award-winning song as well as the first single released from System of a Down's fourth album Mezmerize. It is a politically charged song and was written to protest the Iraq War.
byob Why don't presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?
by venomize23rd February 25, 2009
1. Bring your own booze

2. a party where you must provide your own alcohol
The party is at 6:00. BYOB
by Light Joker May 01, 2006
an acronym for Bring Your Own Brownies.

Brownies are delicious and fabulous.
Jess and Emily are having a brownie party! It's BYOB because we don't have enough to share with all our friends
by emsies November 08, 2010
If there is a party and it says BYOB on the invitation it means "bring your own beer" or "bring your own booze".
I'm poor so this party is BYOB.

Is that some private school thing?
by Skylin June 19, 2007
Bring Your Own Bottle
A party where booze is not provided by the group, is referred to as B.Y.O.B
by ArtB July 16, 2006
Usually only occurs at parties and events hosted by females. Males who host parties want girls to be there so they buy a lot of alcohol hoping that girls will come and have sex with them. Females on the other hand, host a party for their friends with little amounts of alcohol telling friends to "BYOB" or bring your own bottle/beer. Males come to these parties to socialize with the females and bring their own alcohol in hopes of getting lucky by getting them drunk.
Party at my place, BYOB!
by Beannnny December 30, 2012

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