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Adj. Describes a state of socio-psychological growth in which the victim has ceased to progress socially and intellectually.
Quoting every line of the Dukes of Hazzard is a warning sign of Arrested Development.
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
N. The Deity to whom televangelists pray
"We've been able to get our $8,000,000,000 in pledges-uh to support the new Mercedes for the Children outreach. Praise the Lard!"
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
Proper noun. The Muppet who usually handled the guests for the Muppet Show.
Superstar guest: "Scooter, do you realize you have me set to sing with 3 giant seals?"

Scooter: "I'm sorry but the other quartet member was sick!"
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
N. 16th century weightlifting advocate. Most renowned for creation of the Gutenberg press.
"You're as ripped as Johannes Gutenberg!"
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
A phrase used in a skit about celebrity R&B singer Rick James on the "Dave Chappelle Show". Comedian Chappelle uses the phrase to mock James' alleged (according to Charlie Murphy, comedian Eddie's brother, an intimate of James) diva attitudes and misogyny.
In one skit where Chappelle is playing James, he demands a women have sex with a friend. "Bitch, come on over here and have sex with Charlie Murphy. I'm Rick James, bitch!" In a 2nd example he's in a bar explaining "I'm one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time. One of the best singers, one of the best looking motherfucker's you've ever seen. Hold my drink, bitch."
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
A weightlifting move in which you raise dumbbells in diverging angles away from the body over the head while crouched. Took its name from its repeated use by East Germans in Olympic competition.
Man, I hear Arnold Schwartzanegger can Gutenberg press 500 pounds!
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
Adj. A particular shade of orange often used for feathers in large silk hats favoured by pimps. A contraction of "whore" and "orange".
"Yo, check out Superfly over there..man, that's one badass horange hat."
by DaBunny June 03, 2005

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