Bring your own bitches/bombs/bottle/beer/boozes/blanket/boobs/beans/baby/booty

it can mean anything

what ever your heart desires
we are having a get to together B.Y.O.B or anything that starts with a ...B
by Mr. BigPimpin January 22, 2011
1.bring your own beer/bottle/booze

2.hit song by soad (system of a down)
1."this party is gonna be killer but B.Y.O.B"

"yeaa it is."

2."i just love the song B.Y.O.B by SOAD, it's fantastic."

"really i hate it!"
by ErinError December 26, 2008
Bring Your Own Bible
Mom: Son we are going to church
Son: Will they provide bibles?

Mom: No son, B.Y.O.B
by gvanvani April 14, 2011
As my stupid science put on our tide worksheet...
Bring Your Own Boat
1. Let's go to this boat race. Don't forget to BYOB.
2. My teacher is a Dumb Bitch for putting BYOB on our worksheet.
by dumbiotch April 27, 2009
Bring your own bud brew and/or bitches
We can marinate, get nice n stack riches
but it's BYOB, bring your own bud, brew n bitches
ain't no set trippin actin ill n don't steal,
for real, "you gots to chill"
by Benard Goetz August 02, 2011
for those of us who'd rather smoke, bring your own bud
guy 1: hey man you coming to the bonfire party by the lake tonite?
guy 2: sure why not, who's buying?
guy 1: fuck that! BYOB!
by fre3k December 28, 2005
B.Y.O.B is an abbreviation of bring your own booze. Usually used by the hosts of house parties, telling their guests that alcohol will not be provided.
At Janine's house party last week, she texted everyone saying 'be here for 7pm and B.Y.O.B'
by The omniscient one. April 20, 2013

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