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Bring Your own Bagpipes

Used for hardcore Scottish parties.
'agad lad BYOB in morrow caint be shorung dese pipes.
by naaaaate November 24, 2006
Bring your own *insert "B" noun here*.
However, I have seen people insert non-B words, because people really are stupid.
BYOB usually stands for Bring Your Own Beer, but some people can't grasp that concept.
by Johnny Rocketfingers December 01, 2003
1. n. A lame term used for "Bring your own beer". Typically used when a party thrower doesn't have enough money to throw a real party.

2. n. A kick-ass song by System of a Down that sings about current events, feelings, and parties. For this version of B.Y.O.B, it means "Bring Your Own Bomb".
"Hey man I'm throwin' a party tonight, BYOB."

"Wanna headbang to B.Y.O.B.?"
by PenalMaster May 23, 2005
Bring Your Own Booze. A variation for those who have moved on to the harder drugs
Hey Tommy Lee, BYOB tonight. You cleaned out the liquor cabinet last night
by Bungalow Bill October 17, 2001
abriviation for "Bring Your Own Beer"
Like in an inventation to a Low Budjet Party. "Don't forget to B.Y.O.B to get this party started.
by Steve-O-Nator May 30, 2006
Bring Your Own booze.
"hey man is that party a b.y.o.b. thing?"
by OraCnr November 06, 2008
Bring your own beverage.

Some people just don't drink beer ;)
Dick: Hey party's on tonight, BYOB
by cass lim June 03, 2005