Blue screen of death. Commonly seen by people who are using windows.
Man: "Yay! My presentation which took 10 hours of work is done!"
** BSOD appears **
Man: "Damn! Again a BSOD!"
by windozehater March 13, 2010
Blue Screen of Death. The last thing any PC user wants to see. Often happens when the CPU or RAM is overclocked due to a program, but more often than not it happens when you try to run a program that your shiny new 500 Terrabite Jet-engine powered computer hasn't seen before. (i.e a Super Mario Game from the 90s)
Try to run Age of Mythology on a super computer. There's your example of a BSOD.
by John?Maybe April 02, 2011
Blue Screen of Death. Comes from using cheap Chinese hardware with poorly written drivers in Windows (mostly) 9X/ME that will not work at all in Linux and can't even be placed in a Mac.
I got a BSOD because I was using a Mitsui CHD93 CD-RW drive on a VIA Kelut mobo with 64 megs of Rosewill RAM I got from my neighbor in Windows ME. Time to party like it's 1979 with LINUX (that will solve my problems)
by Snacman October 20, 2007
Better Sounding On Drugs.

The Stylings of Steve Duda vs. Deadmau5
"Dude, did you hear that new song?"
"Yeah the on by Deadmau5!
"That song is way BSOD"
by aamacardi May 18, 2009
the biggest reason to run linux or mac os, other than viruses.

similar to:
Bsod is one thing windows can do that Mac OS and Linux can't.
by 005david August 18, 2007
Bitch Slap of Destiny.
Bitch salp of destiny your face. BSOD\
by Iamatrolleronapenisdick September 07, 2011
(Verb) Pronounced Buh-saw-ed: To destroy.
I "bsod"'d you in Foozball today!
by sheopory February 03, 2009

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