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Stands for blue screen of death

A commonly misunderstood error message on windows systems that does not mean a crash has occured, rather it warns you of a problem on the system, tells you what the problem is, what to do about it, and shuts down the OS to prevent damage.

Another common mistake associated with the BSOD is that all your unsaved data is gone afterwards. not true. all new windows systems have a feature called Recovery which allows you to recover unsaved files after a BSOD.

Thanks to a feature called safe mode, users have the ability to delete or repair damaged or infected files after a BSOD without damage being done to their system.

Unlike Windows, Mac OSX does not have a warning screen telling you of a problem, it just continues running until a crash occurs.
well i got a BSOD and it appears as though that file i downloaded has a fatal virus. better go into safe mode and delete it.
by teh_h4xt0r June 06, 2009

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