(Verb) Pronounced Buh-saw-ed: To destroy.
I "bsod"'d you in Foozball today!
by sheopory February 03, 2009
Short for Blue Screen of Death. It occur when YOU majorly fuck up, it doesn't occur ramndomly.
Idiot: How long have you own your Windows XP
Me: Two years.
Idiot: Wow, it must be tough
Me: How so?
Idiot: You know, having to deal with all those BSODs
Me: Oh yeah, those two times when dreadful
Idoit: Two times? How often are you on your computer? Once every six months?
Me: How about everyday?
Idiot: You should buy a Mac, you won't get the BSOD
Me: Oh yeah, I would love to own a OS that crashes four times a day.
Idiot:....Shut up.
by Tonio31 August 21, 2006
blue screen of death
bitch got the BSOD on me
by the man September 13, 2002
(B)e (S)weet (O)r (D)ie

Cancer Bat's Liam Cormier created a gang in highschool Called BSOD, and also used it in the song Grenades.
Promises, we're either sweet or we're dead
One thing to know about me, BSOD
by Elliott Jones June 03, 2007
A security measure invented by Microsoft that protects your computer from viruses by making it freeze so you cant use the internet.
I was about to finish my tax return when BSOD came up. Thank God Microsoft protected me from the apparent virus that is turbotax!
by Mycoplasma August 04, 2006
A advertisement campaign by Microsoft for Linux because they hate windows users.
Person a) I got another BSOD!
Person b) Yes its Microsoft telling you to switch you linux.
by ProphetOfConfusion March 17, 2015
internet slang for Blue Screen Of Death
Oh no theres a BSOD on my computer!
by mrosome January 26, 2015
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