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a beautiful woman with an enchanting smile, posseses the ability to attract any man with one look. daring and outgoing, loud and confident wanted by many however very hardly approachable. creative in dance and music, perfect style.
shes a Duda.
by ahkashd October 01, 2008
A womanizer. A man who sleeps with many women, sometimes for money. This word originates from the Saint Mary's College Student.

Poor girl. Her man has so many other girlfriends. He's such an Duda.
by Josephine M. November 27, 2007
1) an unexpected poop in your pants
2) pooping your pants
3) arriving somewhere and then pooping and leaving shortly there after
4) pooping yourself while driving
5) pooping yourself durring sex
6) defecating yourself while driving
uh oh, i just dudas'd myself.
i think i'm gonnna dudas
oh no, not again.
by Pants Mc. Pooperson July 28, 2007
an obese, short, disney-looking character
christa: oh my jesus, did you see that duda look alike that just got on the bus?
by bumblebeetwentythree July 10, 2008
verb. When an individual cannot make it to a toilet, or a bush, on time and cannot control their bowel movements which causes the individual to drop a squishy deuce in their pants.

A combination of doo-doo and ass. Dudas
"Did you dudas yourself? It smells like shit"

"I ate so much that I dudas'ed myself on the way home. I can't walk straight because it left a rash."

"You either have a dick shoved up your ass, or you've dudas'ed yourself"
by Harry G Spot December 18, 2007
An urge,a crave. Urge for drugs,food,anything.
1:Dude,you have boof? Im in duda
2:Man,lets pick a burger,i didnt have for a while and im in duda.
by yifty the junky August 23, 2008
A transvestite, crossdresser, or a "post-op" male to female transexual
She has breasts and a penis-- it's a duda.
by Freaky B December 14, 2004
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