British Petroleum, a petrol filling station.
"Dude, you're low on petrol, there's a BP there why don't you fill up?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
V. The act of having sex with a pregnant woman. Thus, Baby Poking.
Man I really want to BP right now.
by :) January 29, 2003
Bang Piece...A person you use for sex.
"is that your girlfriend"
"naw that just this BP that i call when im drunk"
by vermilionaire December 06, 2004
1)abbr. for Batting Practice
2)abbr. for Beer Pong
1)"You see Donny take BP at the field today?"
"Yea, kid. He was hitting bombs."
2)"What are we doing after we get back from the house party?"
"Maybe we'll set up a table and play a few games of BP."
by KibblesN5Hits November 06, 2006
An anal sex maneuver involving penetration until the receiver bleeds and defecates, resembling an oil spill. The receiver is left unconscious to spew "oil" for an indefinite amount of time.
I heard Martha was bp'd last Monday. She's probably still expelling oil.
by LucidusSolis July 26, 2010
the meaning of having a bowl pack
1st guy:u wanna smoke
2nd guy:yea but i only got enough for like 2 bps's though
by will March 03, 2005
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