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A redneck born on American soil in a barn delivered by a drunken veterinarian who also performs abortions. Parents are both American citizens who are usually first cousins if not brother and sister.
Birthers fought for their right to marry their cousins.
by billthecat July 28, 2009
To invite all your friends to a party but take the most unpopular one aside and tell him that he can't come.
Homer Simpson gave Moe the toledo takeback last night.
by billthecat April 27, 2009
The hatred of women including the entrenched prejudice against female kangaroos.
The movie Crocodile Dundee promotes misogyny because it only features male crocodiles.
by billthecat October 17, 2012
See cheat.
Lance Armstrong is a cheat.
by billthecat January 21, 2013
What Paris Hilton said when she first saw an erect penis.
That's huge! How is it ever going to fit?
by billthecat June 11, 2009
To blame your dangerous driving on the fact that you were driving a Toyota. Similar to twinkie defense .
The lawyer got the drunk driver acquitted from all road rage charges by using the toyota defense.
by billthecat March 04, 2010
To leave before paying your share of the bill
At the bar took the greek exit leaving his friends to pick up his tab.
by billthecat November 03, 2011

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