the word booned can be traced all the back to the father of them all...noob. The word noob itself got noob and if you called someone noob you then in return were a noob or a nub depending if you were in ce or pc. after the explosion of the word nub epeeps got sick of it again and resorted to boon. noob if someone pulls out the frg/sw/spawn camped...
campsauce: 0mgee booned...
enZ: joo r teh booned???//slash
by enZ January 24, 2005
Top Definition
When a man dry humps a woman and some how cums in his pants. The woman however may not know that he has done so.
Hey, I BOONED that girl last night.

That girl didn't know I BOONED on her.

Man, I BOONED that girl hard.
by RedStar Mafia Army December 01, 2009
to get booned
to get so drunk you fall asleep and throw up, then throw up again as you are face down in dirt. to get booned
by Dr. Phaggot April 15, 2011
completely burgered, totally av'd, the awful state of affairs caused by the ingestion of too much sauce.
brian mc left. i feel yunk drop today. i was so booned last night
by mr nogies August 29, 2006
Named after Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon.

1.To be teased with the promise of something wonderful only to be held in suspense.

2. Tortured with curiosity.
1. My wife booned me all day in reguards to her special surprise.

2. Wow! The nudity on that website sure does have me booned
by Bleedingshrimp October 15, 2004
A word used to deifne the charater "boone" from fallout new vegas.
Typically, you can say this over your xbox live party when boone snipes an enemy from a distance.
Bitch, you got booned.
by an epic pie December 07, 2010
To be fired from a position for texting young girls in hopes of a sexual tryst.
My uncle was a principal until he got booned in 2006
by Lynn McCormack June 17, 2008
the act of seducing a female with the intention of using her purely for fornication, supplementing one's monetary worth, and then never communicating with her afterward.
Dude, I went to this girl's house last night. She made me a sammwich, blew me, and then gave me $40.00 for gas. Totally booned her.
by JP91 December 16, 2010
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