Bench and Leave- A common type of training used by lazy football players in a weight room when they only bench press and then leave,
Guy A- " Man i'm tired as shit today, fuck lifting."
Guy B- "Agreed, let's just BL this shit up."
by whateverittakes June 14, 2010
Butt licker; Someone who licks the anus and crusty poo from another human or animal as a sexual act.

ME: Damn did you hear that Kruger threw down some intensive BL on that whale.

JOHN: NO WAY!! I didn't even think that was possible on her.

ME: Yeah! and he said he found a corn kernel caught in the ass hair

by Dirty Jobs July 17, 2008
The term refers to Body Language
Be careful with your BL when approaching a girl
by Ldhamric3 September 30, 2007
a shortened form of the word 'Borderline' which is used to indicate a joke or statement being sick and/or wrong, ie on the borderline of going too far in terms of general decency.
'i bet that bloke likes to rape young children in his spare time!'
'oh no! thats BL!'
by Simon Stafford May 28, 2005
A philly blunt, after it has been filled with the proper material.
you wanna hit this BL?
by Bobo December 30, 2003
Bruce Lilley - like a drug.
too much of this and you'll lose it!
I took off down the road at BL Speed.
by Rob :) August 30, 2003
(n) a Bud light
all i drank was BL last night at happy hour
by thomsonreuters August 06, 2010

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