Barely Legal. A person who has just recently became of age.
She's good to go. She just went from JB to BL.
by Lauren Gio December 28, 2005
a blt without the t...very good especially with no mayo on white bread
customer-hmm... i think ill have the BL
waitress-sorry? i dont know what a BL is
customer-oh its a blt but with no tomato
by no tomatoes please December 11, 2005
bud light. aka the watered down beer that gets you drunk.
i like my BL with a side of more BL
by anonymousbeerlover August 03, 2005
acronymn for blood letting, the act of drinking another's blood
sex and bl, please?
by Dani Jezabel May 13, 2004
ball lightning, the most deadly force in all three dimensions
how the fuck did you make that hypercube? BL bro
by taz gam March 20, 2004
Belly Laugh
Any joke, comment or email that causes you to have a spontaneous deep belly laugh. Most likely, when rolling on the floor is not currently adviseable (in work area, out in public, muddy floor).

Person 1: (Insert your favorite joke here), send/tell to person 2.

Person 2: BL!
by highpony February 10, 2011
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