A clever abbreviation that no one will ever know the true meaning of.
A: BL!
B: What the hell is that? Give me a clue!
A: Nah man.
by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 05, 2010
A brat-lat; the worst possible thing to be. So don't be one.
That pesky little peasant child running amock is such a BL!
by Caitlyn,Amanda,Lacey,Chelsea August 25, 2008
Butt licker; Someone who licks the anus and crusty poo from another human or animal as a sexual act.

ME: Damn did you hear that Kruger threw down some intensive BL on that whale.

JOHN: NO WAY!! I didn't even think that was possible on her.

ME: Yeah! and he said he found a corn kernel caught in the ass hair

by Dirty Jobs July 17, 2008
(1) (abbreviation) Bud Light

(2) (abbreviation) blunt, as in a hollowed out cigar, filled with marijuana and resealed
(1) "I'll take a Jack & Coke and 2 BLs"

(2) "Let's spark this BL"
by etafatdik June 19, 2008
buddy list; as in a list of people's screen names on your Instant Messanger
I be da shit, my bl has 100 homies on it!
by The Kick Butt Club February 07, 2003
bad luck
bl mate
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
A term used to covertly refer to African Americans during conversation.
"Look! that BL is getting arrested."
by the OG Mo REESE June 08, 2009

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