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13 definitions by etafatdik

(1) Police code for a robbery currently taking place

(2) The act of consuming a 40 oz. of Steel Reserve malt liqour
Stan: "Dude you drank half that 40 already?!?"

Oliver: "211 in progress!"
by etafatdik June 19, 2008
A parody punk band primarily made up of Black Flag roadies led by "Mugger" (Steve Corbin). Band members often performed in sex shop-based costumes or even naked. The music (and taunting of the crowd) intended to be as insulting, crude and vulgar as possible -- including references to the previous night's homosexual acts or requests to see the genitalia of the females in the audience. Corbin claims to have arrived at the band name based on a friend of his who would steal his cigarettes to the cry of "Nig heist!"
Nig Heist often opened for Black Flag
by etafatdik July 10, 2008
Aches and cramping associated with holding in a pending bowel movement.
I don't care how nasty the gas station bathroom is...I got bad poo pains.
by etafatdik July 06, 2009
(a) To ruin, destroy or screw up

(b) To casually have sexual intercourse with
(a) Campus Police showing up is going to throw a fuck into my late night party.

(b) She's not that hot but I'd throw her a fuck.
by etafatdik July 06, 2009
Early in the summer when recent high school graduates infest the beaches of the Northeast by getting drunk and stupid, usually by consuming cheap or low-alcohol beverages, such as Zima.
It's June and a kid is pissing on himself in the beach parking lot at 4 PM. It must be Zenior Week.
by etafatdik July 06, 2009
The visible portion of a female's traditional-back thong underwear that sticks out above a pair of low-cut jeans while the subject is sitting down (or on normal pants/shorts while the subject is bending over or at the gym). Not to be confused with string or "t-back" thongs (see "butt floss").
Dick: "You can see half that chick's ass over there!"

Harry: "I am saluting her triangle flag right now!"
by etafatdik June 19, 2008
Similar to the practice of mooning, to achieve the Jersey Fruit Bowl a male practitioner will cup his genitalia (penis and testicles) and push them backward, toward the anus, before pressing his ass against a window, giving the look of a highly mangled and filthy looking bowl of fruit. Also nicknamed "The JFB", it is done as a prank and to disgust a large group of people. When performed in the state of New Jersey, it is often referred to as an "Indigenous Fruit Bowl".
Sam: "I am going to moon those people in the car next to us"

Dave: "Why not give them a Jersey Fruit Bowl?"
by etafatdik June 19, 2008