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British Columbia Institute of Technology

British Columbia Institute of technology is BC's largest post-secondary institution. BCIT offers part-time and full-time courses and programs in technology.
1. I graduated from BCIT!

2. I'm thinking about going to BCIT
by daddy7860 January 08, 2010
Best Cheaters in Texas, paintball slang to describe a small yet powerfull group of tournament players in Texas, Texas paintballers who are talented but cheat to win because they can.
an awarded position in Texas paintball, it must be earned by pulling off an obvious cheat at a major tournament while beng seen by everyone but the refs.
"I would have won the event but the BCIT showed up and knocked us out of the event
by BigDaddyCool July 01, 2009
BCIT = Best Cheaters in Texas
A large group of paintball players linked by their desire to be the very best, to win at all cost and not to care who knows it. They proudly display the BCIT logo for the world to see and dare any ref. to catch them. BCIT is not affiliated with any one company /brand / or team but rather is lose confederation of players who like to play paintball at the highest levels. BCIT has spawned other offshoot groups such as BCIF (Best cheaters in Florida, BCIC Best cheaters in California, etc, but none are as wild, fun, skilled or dedicated the sport of paintball. Remember"If you can't beat'em---Cheat'em and if you can beat'em--Cheat'em for practice"
BCIT are the Best Cheaters in Texas
by BigDaddyCool October 09, 2014
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