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Term used to define a crack house, or the surroundings in which a drug dealer or(trap star) would use to make their profit.Also refered to as "up tha way".
"I made a 100 thou' in my trap house,---trappa's goin' in trappa's comin' out..."-Gucci Mane
by Pretti Fam May 24, 2006
1555 664
Where drugs are sold / made.
usually in the projects.
not so nice neighborhoods
dawg... our crib is becoming a trap house... thanx mom.
by Lackawannuh June 10, 2006
981 619
A house in the ghetto used to sell all sorts of drugs. There is only one way in and one way out.
The Trap House is about to get busted.
by Eric R May 19, 2008
775 516
n.) A place that acts as a medium for many drug dealers and or the partaking of said drugs.
n.) A house of hustling.
n.) Mell Hall University of Georgia
1) Dude, I got fucking wasted in the traphouse the other night.

2) If you are looking for a party you should hit up Mell's 3rd floor, it's a real traphouse.
by Mellion Bob February 22, 2006
308 222
A spot you use thats not your home to conductive secret business transations.
Meet Me In The Trap Is Going Down

by Tudda July 15, 2006
170 113
Area or house usually and frequently occupied by drug dealers/ drug users. In most cases the top floor apatment buildings in Somerset serve as good examples of traphouses because of their constant attraction to high school students and/ or college students looking for drugs, the massive amounts of drugs and money flowing through exclusively seen by the respective family's of said house, and the characteristic single door (only one way in and one way out)
Ring Ringg. "Hello?" - "Hi is this T Loy?" - "..Yes" - "so I heard you got tha TrapHouse can we roll through?" - "one Question" - "whats gucci" - "Wheres The Weed At?!?"
by husienumbatwosie November 18, 2009
93 58
underground pokerhouse laced with sharks, where the houseman takes a large rake and is always willing to extend credit.
shark: "you'll need more than a honey-bun if you plan on showing up at the traphouse."
Fish: " Naw man. I know Mike will put me on the books."
by jenn1031 February 20, 2009
42 87