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Best cousin forever
"Cori is Haley's BCF. They only hang out all the time because of their cousmance."
by cori*c April 03, 2009
when your more than bestfriends with your cousin, you can tell eachother anything, yah you'll get into fights but they only last for a week; you guys are pretty much alike since your always togther
stephanie:omg iesha your my BCF
iesha:yah hoe you are tooo i love my BCF
by wigggerr May 21, 2008
BCF aka Blood Clot Foundation is a group of white males who rap even though they themselves hate rappers and rap music. BCF tends to steal beats from the music of famous rappers.
1st person: yo you heard of them white boys J-Train,Ghetto Child, and Chooltz

2nd person: Yeah those white boys that hate rap, I know them

1st person: They started a BCF
by J@Y July 12, 2006
Best Cousin Forever; When your cousin is your best friend and you can tell each other anything, and you have like 8327429834 inside jokes, and you will always have one another because you are family!!
Amber and Alyssa are major BCFs.
by lyssaloo222 November 30, 2010
Acronym for Best Couple Friends. Two couples that are best friends and do everything together like double date and that kinda stuff.
Couple 1: "I wonder what our BCF are doing right now"
Couple 2: "we're legit right next to you guys, when aren't we?"
by bigbootyhoedoe May 19, 2015
the big boss in charge working dem railroads
"yo you know that BCF, he hold down the rail roads around these parts here"
by its fity! July 24, 2012
Blood Clot Foundation is a group of white males who rap even thought they themselves hate rap
BCF was started by J-Train and Ghetto Child.
by J@Y July 11, 2006
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