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A sexy beast with lovely vuluptuous breasts who might sit next to you in french and who you always have a crush on
boy 1: damn i want a cori to sit with me in madame pence's class!

boy2: if only!

by Julian SIlverman December 08, 2005
a girls version of the boys name corey
only a shortened version of corinne if you are of german descent
The cutest name in the whole world
Cori is the sexiest girl ever.
by fruitsnackz October 08, 2004
awesome, cool, sexy da name says it all :D
cori is awesome and very sexy
by hhhhmmm March 03, 2005
definite beautiful person, selfless, but also a bit moody. Cori is a warrior goddess
I love you cori!
by boondocker 6520 May 07, 2010
Cori is a girl who lots of people talk shit about. They post things about her, spread rumors about her, and dont even know her. People already expect her to be bad, so with the wrong shirt, or maybe just the wrong boyfriend, rumors start. Sure, maybe she dates a lot of guys, but we all know that the people who talk shit, are just jealous haters.
Girl 1: Hey, did you hear about what THAT girl did?

Girl 2: Yeah, she did NOTHING. She is just a Cori.
by AnonomousLover September 24, 2011
a girls name usually...short for corinne.
go me! I, Cori, am awesome!!!!!
by Cori August 05, 2003
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