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(noun) A victim of being bukkaked by a train of Japanese men. Such trauma will lead to a life a being a useless, fat, piece of sh*t.
Poor Josh, says he went to the "wrong" club in Japan. Now that he's jtrain, he should just shoot himself
by SDSUStoner October 13, 2005
95 21
The Jesus Train. The way rap artist TobyMac describes the way a christian gets from this earth to eternal glory in Heaven.
"Sit back, relax, put on your travelin' gear
No need to doubt, so put aside your fear
"Destination" out of this atmosphere
It's the J-Train, baby, we depart from right here"
by Josiah February 29, 2004
57 24
J-Train is one of the members of the famous rap group "The Blood Clot Foundation"
"Yo man! J-Train is a true rapping nigger."
by J-Train October 07, 2004
39 21
Used in a Toby Mac song refering to the "Jesus train" and going to heaven parts of the song say "I got a ticket to ride to the other side" ,"ride ride wanna ride on the J-train"
i got a ticket to ride th J-train to the other side
by JesseWHO? March 07, 2006
11 5
To Inflict much pain on another peer for cock-blocking you. Usally done in the form of a tackle or smack.
"This guy is taking my ladies i may have to bring the J-Train"
by Tin2100 May 20, 2007
6 3
John Scott`s penis.
Wow, that J-train is huuuuge!
by Duuude5647 November 11, 2010
1 3
My fucking dick.
guy: what u do last night?
me: had a girl ride the J-Train XD
by wowowowowowowowowowiwiwiw November 07, 2010
1 3