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Most intelligent one of unworded beauty.Queen of all women master of all men.Goddest of all of te known and unknown.The only one to be respected.The heart of gold and the attitude of wild fire.And the face of diamonds.
The girl named Iesha could not even be described because of her overly powerful beauty
by Iesha September 22, 2003
367 107
the most beautiful, intellegent
iesha the great
by iesha December 17, 2003
265 107
A sexy woman who knows what she wants. She know how to play the game and gets everything she wants from a guy. very well liked and is very easy to get to know. Iesha is one of the sexyest female names there is. she's not a common and normal female, shes way more advanced then most
Tim: you know Iesha right?

Chris: yea she is so sexy and I just started talkin to her.

Tim: I use to mess wit ole gurl and it was hard to get over her. She can put it on me any time she want damn I wish I still messed wit her

Chris: Your luck I got her now she's the gurl that I never had. Im bout to call her now....
by gossip gurl February 03, 2010
141 50
Sexy short person that glows like a goddess and once you see her you fall in Love.
At first when I went to the party I saw a whole bunch of old ass dusty bitches, but after a few drinks they all looked like Iesha.
by take yo shitty ass on January 07, 2009
142 59
a name, a random greeting, kyle winkler
what up iesha
by Joe the red blade May 06, 2003
41 148
cunt, or fag. Usually used in the terms of sisterly love.
She's such an Iesha
by Salior Nick September 03, 2008
29 154
a smelly smell or object that smells like butt corn
dude that smells like iesha
dude who did an iesha
by Royce April 08, 2005
39 219