Acronym for Best Coworkers Forevs: When you are best friends with someone you work with.

Introduced in Collegehumor's Fired up! video http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1892449
Worker 1: Do you know that new girl in the office?

Worker 2: OMG you mean sarah?!

Worker 1: yeah she seems cool

Worker 2: totally! we are so gonna be BCFs
by Cherry4225 December 13, 2008
BCF is short for "Butt Crack Fuck"
Jack thought it would be fun to BCF Jill. He just loved putting his penis into any slot or hole he could find.
by KF12345 June 25, 2006
The "Border City Firm" the hooligan element of the Carlisle United F.C.(N/W England) fans. Known to frequent the Beehive Pub on Warwick Rd.
oh shit, here come the BCF boys! - a phrase uttered by fans of football clubs up and down the country
by bateman1 November 03, 2007
Behind the Curtain Fuck
Johnny and Susie disappeared for a BCF.
by supergoat July 09, 2005
Acronym for Best Couple Friends. Two couples that are best friends and do everything together like double date and that kinda stuff.
Couple 1: "I wonder what our BCF are doing right now"
Couple 2: "we're legit right next to you guys, when aren't we?"
by bigbootyhoedoe May 19, 2015

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