Bad atmosphere i.e. the feeling that a temporary cloud of gloom is slowly descending over your mind caused by someone or something in your close vicinity that you feel the need to escape from urgently.
I'm getting a bad atmosphere/this is a bad atmosphere/he or she gives me a bad atmosphere e.g. Disney's Fantasia is a BA
by xenia t February 06, 2009
Easy short cut for bad asssssssssss
dude those pair of tits are so B.A.
by Chawt Lahawtt November 15, 2009
1. Boner Accomplished
2. Bring Alchohol
3. Bitch Attitude
4. Bitch Angry
5. Bad Ass
6. Back Alley
7. Balls Aquired
When something cool happens, you B.A. When you need alcohol, B.A. When a girl is on her period, B.A. When she gives you sass, B.A. When someone is a bad ass, B.A. When something is cheap (i.e swap meet.), B.A. When your pussy ass finally grows some balls, B.A.
by Raul, and Howie March 18, 2007
Also known as Boner Assistance. When a man gets an erection in a public place and needs to fix it, however doing so would cause attention. Therefore, he calls out "B A" and a fellow male friend positions himself in front of the other so that he can fix himself in privacy.
Justin called out "B A"! as he was exiting the bus this morning.
by 18Xrunner July 13, 2012
BA or Bare Asshole: A Dog, or other animal which exposes its asshole to the world.
Excuse me..Your BA is humping my leg.
by christyleeee September 03, 2011
A close friend that is on ba status, acronym: "Brothers Always".
What up ba?

Did you see ba the other day dunkin on that scrub?
by Pacifico1226 August 31, 2010
Universal term for awesome. Can be used in any sentence or lyric. Usually describes something awesome, cool, hot, etc. Also known as grandma in some foreign languages.
Wow that shirt makes you look ba dawg
by TtownLogieBear June 29, 2011

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