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An acronym for Brian Arrandale.
Dude, that guy is such a B.A.

What a boss..
by logdoagsss July 09, 2009
Someone who

1. Is a son of a fownes

2. a friend of a fownes or

3 a fownes

Ba will replace a name only
Darcey: Hey ba
Cody: Ou ba whats up
by Fownes1323 August 19, 2011
BA, pronounced "Bah" (like a sheep), is a phrase that is often used when one wants to express excitement towards something.
Nick: " I got a new airsoft gun."
Tyler: "BA!"
by Dick E. Normus July 09, 2009
1. Boner Accomplished
2. Bring Alchohol
3. Bitch Attitude
4. Bitch Angry
5. Bad Ass
6. Back Alley
7. Balls Aquired
When something cool happens, you B.A. When you need alcohol, B.A. When a girl is on her period, B.A. When she gives you sass, B.A. When someone is a bad ass, B.A. When something is cheap (i.e swap meet.), B.A. When your pussy ass finally grows some balls, B.A.
by Brandon, Raul, and Howie March 20, 2007
A bare-ass. To moon someone. Usually used as a verb.
I can't believe my neighbor b.a.'ed the landlord!
by The Magnificent Jeff August 02, 2005
Bad a$$, pronounced as BAA, like a sheep sound.
dude, taylor and becca are so BA
by chicquita May 05, 2009
Pronounced "Bah." This word was first seen in mainstream American culture on the television show Superstars of Dance, where the representative and judge from China used it repeatedly in his scoring, being the pronunciation for the Chinese symbol for eight. It means "eight" or can also be an arbitrary term for any unknown number.
"How many skittles do you want?"
"Ba skittles."
by Word Woman January 13, 2009