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The tool of the devil.
Advertisers are in leauge with the devil, I tells ya!
by rnr January 07, 2005
The one thing we depend on, the one thing we wish to death.
Advertising is in your home, roads, cities, home pages, email account, mmorpg, car, brain, TV, shoes, kitty, backyard, stores, bed, school, and it's also there when you die and go to wherever you are destined to lay.
by Dr. Clash October 01, 2007
The injection of image into an item the utility of which is too ineffectual to create a customer base.
Drivers wanted, just do it, fair and balanced, welcome to flavor country, i'm loving it.
by Louieman November 30, 2004
when the tag on your clothing sticks out, showing the brand of the article of clothing
"Wait hun, you're advertising"
by *aShLEe* August 01, 2006
A synonym for e-mail.
Their latest advertising offered me 20% off of all of my dry cleaning, but I kept my pride and threw the coupon in the trash.
by Diggity Monkeez April 27, 2005
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