Someone who lives life on the edge and rides the metro when they're not suppose to.
OMG! That girl over there,Janine, who is breaking all the rules is such a total B.A.
by B.A.'s April 16, 2008
b.a is the slang term for the word badass
hey dude that jump was b.a
by IDAILILAS February 04, 2009
A colloquial term (pronounced bah), originating from St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury, meaning numerous things.
1) A comment made when someone does something embarrassing or annoying

2) A good-bye phrase
1) 'You're not cool.'

2) 'See you later'

by Urbanvoice November 13, 2008
An acronym for Bitches Aint Shit, it is America's only 24 hour credit union/full-liquor topless bar.
Expanding soon to include casino with Vegas style gambling when the owners find an indian tribe willing to negotiate.
Dude, lets shoot down to B.A.S for some drinks--my tabs always open since its linked to my bank account!
by General Occom February 02, 2010
Pronounced "bay", ba is a name used as a term of endearment, usually for a person in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Ba is a second generation abbreviation, being a shortened form of babe which is itself, duh, a shortened form of baby.
She says, "Babe, Check out the new Trentmoller remix of Modeselektor."

He says, "Aight, I will. Thanks, ba."
by Abigail Daydream February 12, 2012
Pronounced "bee/ay/ess" or just "bas." It is an abbreviation for bitchez aint shit. Commonly associated with the B.A.S Mafia originating in Brisbane. A non-profit global movement devoted to the research and instigation that promotes inequality among the genders, propelling men above woman and encourages males to pay the absolute shit out of bitches.
snoop: cunt eyes, whats been happening?
dre: sup cunt knuckles, some bitch was giving me a humma last night aye
snoop: ahh what a slappa, did you give her a blacky and a bluey?
dre: yeh b.a.s'd the bitch had out
snoop: niceee, B.A.S til i die! getting that tattooed on me gooch!
by B.A.S Mafia April 25, 2011
The Act Of Being Bad Ass For A Committed Act
Aersten Steve Vai Was So BA After Beating Up The Girl Scout
by Impact M0j0 August 24, 2010

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