Axis of Evil means and includes most of the following (mostly Islamic nations) countries (if not all):
Afganistan) (mostly the remaining Taliban admistrative areas, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar/ Burma, North Korea, Pakistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir / POK / Azad Kashmir, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, among some others (mostly the countries ruled by a dictator.

Basically, this means that people from most of these countries find it extremely difficult to obtain a Visa to the United States of America and need to be on a very high alert from a possible foreign attack on them from the USA anytime, sooner or later, if not yet.
Women: What is Axis of Evil?
Men: Bitch, the human race is an axis of evil.
by DJ Gaurav May 03, 2006
Italy,Germany, Japan which were Nazis in WW2. Now, they are all kissing ass.
The Axis of Evil should lick dick.
The hypocrytical -------- that think they're clever with their over-used anti-Bush and US statements.

See also immature, unintelligent.
by Shortass July 31, 2003
A speech which proves Bush's mental condition is approximately the same as John_-_Winston, John Grubor, Steve Hayes, Robert Ghostwolf, Archimedes Plutonium, Alexander Abian, Ed Conrad, and a dozen other net.personalities made famous by their ability to post bullshit to more than SIXTY newsgroups at once.
Iran, Iraq, and North Korea? Couldn't he have picked someone like Burkina Faso who no one's ever heard of?
by Xyzzy September 21, 2004
all of you cocksuckers will pay, you are the ones who are the balllickers, you just wait until the diabolical duo get their crime stopping hands on you, then you will be as sorry as an Iraqi camel herder! You Sudanese Tribesman will all pay for your bush bashing, i hope you die and burn in hell, aka Detroit!
Guy1:Oh man that axis of evil really sucks chimpanzee balls
Guy2:don't worry, here comes the diabolical duo!
Guy1: oh good, now we can go get some tasty smooth puddng
by Dusitn for pres in 96 April 24, 2005
its not about oil you fucking idiots
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
A group of evil countries that consists of Iraq, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Belgium, and Zimbabwe.
I hope the Axis of Evil doesn't nuke us!
by Trogdor June 14, 2003

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