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V. To make larger, usu. in the context of a takeout order placed with a dining establishment.

Adj. Larger than expected, necessary, or appropriate.
Fast food clerk: What can I get you today?

John Q. Lardass: I'll have a triple bacon cheeseburger, supersize that please...two Biggie Fries, supersize of course, a two-liter Coke...a supersize chocolate shake....

Southwest Airlines clerk: What can I do for you?

John Q. Lardass: I need a ticket to Dallas.

Clerk: That will be one supersize ticket to Dallas, $850 please.

John Q. Lardass: What!!?

Clerk: Sir, customers must pay for all the seats they occupy. I see you are still gorging on your supersize fries, so don't try that "glandular disorder" crap with us today. Take some goddamn personal responsibility.
by Carl Willis August 04, 2004
An adjective used by McDonalds and other fast-food restaurants meaning that the largest possible fries and drink will be coming with your meal.
I got my #1 super sized. Can you imagine eating this junk three times a day like that guy in the movie Super Size Me?
by mikwat May 23, 2004
supersize (noun): Also know as "fattysize", an incredibly large amount of food such as fries or Coke.
Window Clerk: What can I get you today?
Fatass: I'll have a Big Mac meal, supersized, with a chocolate milkshake. Three apple pies...actually, make that a milkshake a Diet Coke. I'm really trying to watch what I eat.
by SuperRobotZombieJesus June 07, 2009
A term referring to a very large penis or large vagina
The guy I was with last night was really supersize.
by Panchoman Jr. October 30, 2006
word that can be used sometimes instead of cool, awesome or good. it is also used for girls to said how was her date.
#1 : ok that t-shirt is so supersize"
#2 " that boy is SUPERSIZE i almost choke"
by HarryPotter March 12, 2005
means to engane is sextual intercourse with the opposite sex.
man that girl is looking hot, i'd super size that.
or u wanna super size that or wat?
by berto rodriguez November 27, 2004

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