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A term that President George W. Bush made up to get a better approval rating. For more on Bush, see idiot.
George W. Bush's rear end is the ultimate Axis of Evil
by Mark December 06, 2003
slang lesbians use for the male penis
stupid men and their axis of evil think they can keep us carpet munchers down
by dirty dick September 20, 2003
relatively meaningless term used by George W Bush to attack innocent people
axis means something
evil means something
but when combined they are worthless
by McCheesy September 05, 2003
1- a scapegoat for bush to blame things when stuff goes wrong.He thinks he action man or something.
bush: howdy yall, say partnah what happens if i push this red shiny lookin' thingy?
james bond: No! sir dont press it! for the love of god no!!!
bush: whats that? press it? hokely dokelie

*universe explodes*
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
On the ASMB, RIFs, mods, and IBers.
Ranter: OMG we must kill the Axis of Evil!

(notice how similar ranters are to the Bush administration)
by Bob882 March 05, 2005
An area or situation between things or items or ideas that is in relating to Linda Tripp.
by The Definitioner August 29, 2003