Risky region that jeopardize from time to time presidents' political mightiness.
Hey Bill, why don't you set your cigar in my Axis of Evil?
by Sss July 30, 2003
That's the man that tried to kill ma daddy.
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
The enemies to the Allies During WW II, Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan.
The axis of evil was responible for getting the USA involved in WW II
by Jason July 13, 2003
The real Axis of Evil consists of three countries that George W. Bush claims cause terrorism in the United states. The countries are Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, however, Bush has forgotten other countries suchas Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, which is where al Qaeda are located.
If Bush is right, then the Axis of Evil will probably start a war with the U.S.A.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
A list of countries that "President" Bush II chooses to use as a distraction from domestic issues and questions about his own popularity. Members of the axis are usually (but not invariably) Muslim, are often grindingly poor outside the palaces of tribal elites, and more to the point do not possess the ability, as states, to retaliate against American soil if subjected to an armed invasion.
China is not part of the Axis of Evil because it possesses ICBMs and incidentally is a large market for American businesses.
by Fearman January 29, 2008
UK (Bristol) usage:-

The colaboration between Community at Heart, Bristol City Council and Government Offices South West. A bunch of foul, evil, rightwing, misbegotten, inbred, self serving, mindless officials; who are hell bent on destroying the local community in Barton Hill and it's environment.
Mcdadeism is a fine example of the axis of evil at it's worse.
by black flag June 24, 2004
An axis in which Mallory and Leigh add people who they think they should belong
Burton...you are now officially on the axis of evil!
by dunno November 24, 2003

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