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Soem copmayn in Washintgon wehre peolpe maek sotfwaer but can't sepll wroth shit.

See Microsoft.
Hey Jamus! Didja heya? Unca Billy-Bob's secun cousin is ova thar workin fer Mircosoft.
by karlthepagan January 10, 2004
Mircosoft = plug-n-pray click-n-crash ( waste my time )
Mircosoft burns time.. Time is money. Time is life. You only have x amount of time or money!!!

let's say 20 million users spend 1/2 hour a day booting or pounding the keyboard NIH
10 million hours X 200 days or 2 billion man hours per year X 10 years = 20 billion hrs.

Bill is a bad boy
by itichie_nocanpo October 18, 2006
The Devil's Workshop.
"Dude, I hear when you die, you might have to work for MS."
by DualScimitars February 02, 2003
if you say mircosoft pretty slow it kind of sounds like '' my cock is soft''
hey can i touch your mircosoft?
by nemi March 24, 2005
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