Any single or group of people in any given region at any given time who disagrees with anything the current administration says or does. This notion can change from time to time since the current president is so prone to giving contradicting reports and using incorrect words to convey his meaning. See 'shitlist'.
All naysayers of Bush who live on I Street are a part of the axis of evil. In fact, anything that anyone says about me thats bad is part of my axis of evil.
by Madamasselle July 15, 2003
Three countries (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea) labled by George W. Bush as enemies of The United States shortly after 911.
Terrorist funding originates in axis of evil states.
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
Anyone who doesnt agree with Bush
France, Russia and China
by Daniel Burns July 25, 2003
Coined by Mr. George W. Bush, a term used to describe whatever poses a threat to the peace of the nation, or in other words what is simply put, "un-American." Until recently, this trio was composed of just Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, however cheeseburgers and french fries have been added as they pose a health risk to the people of this nation.

The Axis of Evil is certainly a strong and tempting term indeed, as it capitulates the imaginations of all Americans young and old, and also because France surrendered as soon as it heard the term in usage.
"The Axis of Evil--Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, all of whom pose an open terrorist threat to the security of this nation."

"Due to recent surges in obesity, cheeseburgers and supersize McFries have also been added to the so-called Axis of Evil"
by Cal Chase September 03, 2004
aka Assholes of Evil:starring:Georgie"the Shrub" Bush ,Dick"Licker" Cheney and Donald "the Midget " Cumsfeld
in this episode of Assholes of Evil Little Shrub gets a rim job from Dick Licker Cheney while pumping his miniscule meat into the Midget Cumsfelds face...stay tuned you repuke fags for next weeks episode where Shrub claims to have been in the Marine Corps
by aint no real cowboys(skoal brother) September 10, 2004
The Axis of Evil consists of: George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Wolf Blitzer
This definition is classified, because the Axis of Evil and the Patriot Act, deem it too sensitive to national security!
by SpecOPBlue November 12, 2003
A term created by Bush as an excuse to hate and/or blow the shit out of various countries.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003

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