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My only source of entertainment on those long, lonely nights devoid of video games. This is one of those nights.
by Shortass July 31, 2003
The abbreviation for the adventure. Adventures in this use consists of lots of boys, few vehicles, very little money, late-morning hours, and zero ladies involved. Often taken to the local DnD in order to recieve dones, coff, or the other various sips and munch they serve.
1. Anyone down for a vench? I'm in the mood for some dones.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
1. I don't really want to be the one calling a dominion tonight.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
While nobody really knows how this came about, it's commonly used when describing the action of calling up the dominion and ordering some pete-zor.
1. Who wants to make a food-a-call? I heard the dominion has new Philly Cheesesteak pete-zor.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
The hypocrytical -------- that think they're clever with their over-used anti-Bush and US statements.

See also immature, unintelligent.
by Shortass July 31, 2003
Fried, doughey delicacies more commonly known as donuts or doughnuts. Often enjoyed with coff or maybe some sips. Purhchased at the local DnD.
1. You guys want some munch? I got the dones and the coff in the truck, let's go!

2. Alright, let's go out and get some dones to supplement our Food-a-call.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
Abbreviation for Dunkin' Donuts. Consisting of legions of illiterate foreigners who serve a most excellent variety of dones, coff, and many other forms of munch and sips.
1. Wanna vench to the DnD?
by Shortass October 12, 2004
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