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1.) When something it super cute. For example a couple, an animal, or a new born baby.

2.) Can be used in replace of a sigh when you are sad, tired, or annoyed.

3.) Can be used instead of "oh" when you are awestruck or flabbergasted

4.) A sound used when searching for a word in the middle of a sentence.

5.) When you are in awe of something

6.) Can be used under any context.

7.) Under rare occasions, can be used as an acronym to "amazing with noodles"
1.) "Awn, did you see the new puppy litter?"

2.) "Awn, are you serious right now? I'm exhausted."

3.) Boy: "I don't really love you anymore."
Girl: "Awn..."

4.) "She was just so... awn... annoying and stupid."

5.) "Awn, look at the sunset..."

6.) Girl 1: "OMG Hey girl!"
Girl 2: "AWN hay!!!"

7.) Boy: "Do you like pasta?"

Girl: "Boy, I am A.W.N."
by the1stawn January 19, 2015
Something or someone that is sexy beyond anything possible.
"That guy is so Awn... Mhmmm"
by Eclipse7271 July 21, 2014

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