Make your girl wear a ponytail and bang her doggiestyle. When you're about to cum, mount on her back, stick your cock in her ponytail and cum in her ponytail to establish a connection (similar to how avatar/navi's use their ponytails to connect with creatures in Pandora).
I tapped that ass Avatar style.
by wleecoo March 02, 2010
Tech support demi-god on GameSpy Arcade.
<HELPAvatar>What seems to be the problem?
by Spikeh July 01, 2004
In a game:
A visual depiction of a character in the game.
My avatar is a red marine
by fjfjf October 05, 2003
an avatar is a frame by frame image usually found in forums that come out next to the users screename
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
The image you are projecting and/or the vibe you are giving off. A high avatar indicates your vibe is strong and those of the opposite sex are checking you out.
Bro, I walked into the room and every hottie was eye-fucking the shit out of me. My avatar was off the charts!
by Thatcheringly Handsome November 22, 2014
NOUN/ADJECTIVE; A Human Being (maybe) who sits in class and thinks they are smarter then every one else; gets upset if they get a 99%; thinks they are smarter then the teacher and tries to contradict everything the teacher says; occasionally puts down classmates.
OMG I can't stand AVATAR!!! It makes me not want to be in school!
by A NON AVATAR October 21, 2011
If you mix up Ferngully, Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves, The Ant Bully and The Last Samurai, you'd get Avatar.
What do you get if you cross Ferngully with Pocahontas?

by Naviponytail January 28, 2011

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