a fourth level human being, according to scott adams in god's debris.

realizes that hte scientific view of the world is the last step before the realization that we are God's Debris.
there is only one Avatar at a time.
by avatar March 27, 2005
a visual example of a charector in a forum or game, used for self expression.

Or something like that.
"My avatar is a picture of a cat, beacuse I like cats."
by Will October 03, 2003
Avatar, aka Dances with Smurfs, is an overrated and completely self-indulgent three hour Greenpeace commercial from hack director James Cameron, a director so talented and visionary that he needed half a billion dollars to make a "test movie" with some shitty digital 3D equipment he made, with a cliche story that rips off Fern Gully and Pocahontas. It is loved by many furries and philistines for its giant blue cat people, flashy CGI, and pointless 3D effects. and as if Cameron's ego wasn't over inflated enough as it is, it is now the highest grossing movie ever, surpassing his other overrated piece of crap, Titanic.
Jurassic Park had more realistic CGI than Avatar and that movie was made in 1993
by cinephile November 06, 2010
A picture or icon used in chat forums to distingush oneself from others and add personality to an otherwise unpersonal way of conversation
his avatar was a giant penis
by p1donut February 15, 2005
the ruler of all magic in the movie Wizards, he is the twin brother of black wolf who is ruler of the dark world and technology.
Avatar fought Black Wolf, and his Magic was far superior to his evil brother's.
by Michael February 13, 2005
The picture usually beside your post in most cheap forums, such as Invisionfree and EZBoard, and sometimes used in good boards, mainly anime and video game boards.
User1: d00d, | 4?/\/\ 73|-| 1337 \/\/17 /\/\4|-| |\|3\/\/ 4\/474]2!!!!111!!!!!11shift+1!!!!shift+numberbefore2!!!1!!!!
User2: THIS, is why I never come to your message board.
by Zero20 October 02, 2003
Released in 2009, this sci-fi epic was heralded at the time as a marvel of film making, and even though the story is admittadly average, the special effects and immersion of the 3D more than made up for it. The film was nominated for many awards, including the Best Picture, Best DIrector and technical Oscars. It sweeped all the technical Oscars, but lost to The Hurt Locker in both of the above categories.

It's been about a year, and all the people who said that Avatar was the best movie of all time and that it changed their lives have gone back on their statements, choosing to bash the film's mediocre story. Why is this? Probably because of the deluge of 3D films, like Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender. However, if you go back and watch the film (3D or not) it's still as entertaining as ever.
-1 Year ago-

Mike: Dude, I just saw Avatar. I swear to God, that movie changed my life!
Jim: I know! the 3D was awesome and the story made me really care about the enviroment!

Mike: Yeah, Avatar was awful.

Jim: Yeah, who cares if it was pretty? The story was completely awful!
Me: Hypocrites.
by wpk914 November 08, 2010

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