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When a movie, TV show, or song that is pretty good (e.g. Avatar) is ruined for you by a bunch of nerdy fanboys that orgasm over it and cry fowl when it doesn't win an Oscar, Emmy, or Grammy.
Joe: Yo, did you like Inception?

Bill: Kind of, but the guys at work kind of avatared it for me.
by Lars@Mars December 05, 2010
Refers to being stepped over and ignored with respect to one's rightful accolades. It's origin stems from the audacious treatment of the movie Avatar by the Oscar's Award committee in the 2010 ceremony when it picked up only 3 production related awards and lost out to another, much less grossing movie called Hurt Locker.
Dude 1: I can't understand why I never get promoted at work.

Dude 2: That's because you keep gettin Avatared.
by The Gonzo Lecture March 08, 2010
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