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In a game:
A visual depiction of a character in the game.
My avatar is a red marine
by fjfjf October 05, 2003
An earth bound hero selected by God to battle a very powerful enemy, or to accomplish a difficult task.
Vishnu tasked me to shampoo his dirty carpet.
by Tim Freckman March 14, 2003
A remake of Pocahontas in 3D using giant smurfs.
Did you see Avatar yet? It is so good, even though it's just smurfy Pocahontas in 3D.
by tehehe626 February 21, 2011
The character you control in a game.
I made my own avatar in THPS4!
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
The movie that furries, therians, and hindus most prefer to masturbate to.
"Hey man, Avatar is on!"
"Great, I'll get my fur suit out from the washer. I soiled it the last time it was on."
by Mesozoical December 26, 2011
the place where you buy items on gunbound
YO SON!!! i just got golden armor, now my boomer is going to smash your grub PLAYER! betta RECOGNIZE!
by J MIKE K January 14, 2004
Big blue people. Not to be confused with smurfs, which are very small blue people.
Look at that Avatar. He looks big.
by HBM3000 January 01, 2011