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One who fucks asses. There is an unspoken implication that said "assfucker" is a male who prefers fucking male asses, i.e. who is gay.
Listen up, assfuckers, we gotta close our Bhagdad office!
by Fred Mijan November 10, 2003
146 46
Someone who loves to sodomize (a.k.a. anal sex); a homosexual male. Or any guy who loves to have anal sex with a woman.
Bill Clinton is an assfucker.
by Jack Hitgoud March 27, 2005
79 35
Ass Fucker: an offencive name given to a male who has sexual intercourse with another male or female in the anal(or rectem) area.
Frank is an Ass Fucker.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
82 55
A term used when joking with a dumb ass friend!
"Hey Ass fucker" or "your such an ass fucker" Or "lick my balls you ass fucker"
by stalmannstien October 27, 2007
35 24
men on the continual hunt for asses to fuck
bill west and his lust for squirrels, especially lesbian squirrels
by jen November 13, 2002
40 33
Someone who has sexual intercourse with another ones anus. also see fanny bandits for more information.
Man, Burris is such an ass fucker, I know he fucked beans ass.
by Striker Saylin July 13, 2008
14 10
To fuck another in the ass.
What an ass-fucker, look at him do the chocolate cha cha!
by Pimp Daddy J December 16, 2002
28 30