To fuck another in the ass.
What an ass-fucker, look at him do the chocolate cha cha!
by Pimp Daddy J December 16, 2002
where 1 likes to have intercourse in 1's bum
oi did you hear garrys an ass fucker
by sean1984 September 29, 2007
a person whom has anal sex multiple amounts of times, with both man and women alike; an individual whom looks like an ass and is a fucker;
The gay cowboy guys ass-fucker each other in a tent.
by Monty-Cloud-Mika November 14, 2006
a wigger or a poser that dresses like a black person.
"check out that assfucker, he is sooo WHITE"
by J@R3d April 24, 2003
Slang for "asshole" When someone does something or says something that is not liked.
You are such an asshole
by Dubie March 25, 2005
someone who fucks doggie style
by Cemore Butts October 13, 2003

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