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n. Anal sex. Putting the male genitalia into a male or female butthole.
Johnny likes doggie, reverse cowboy and to ass can when getting his rocks off with Jill.
by St0rmshadow May 19, 2008
Similar to a Leprechaun's Pot of Gold, an object of priceless value... Something you search endlessly for. The only catch is, you don't know what the fuck it is.

also, A universal word, similar to the word "skeet", which can be used to describe an object which one is in search for and cannot find.

see also, a word used to describe something that you own which has recently been tampered with
"Yo nigga, where yo asscan at?"

"Where the fuck is my asscan at bro?"

"That nigga just shit in my asscan!"

"Dude! Who fucked my asscan?"
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