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1.) n. One who minds their nuts. Typically, holds them incessantly or wears protective yamsack gear for all occasions.

2.) adj. Describes one as a tool, clown, assjack, jackhole, dush or nerd.
Your couch monkey friend that sits with his legs spread wide for all to see while he manhandles his testicles like no one is around. The nutminder has callouses on his hands, not from masturbating, but from sack grabbing all day long in the presence of others and while fully clothed.
by St0rmshadow May 15, 2008
v. Anal sex. The act of inserting male genitalia into the anus of a female or male in order to orgasm.
Johnny inserted his penis into Jill's anus over and over again until spewing a load of cum. Johnny was ass canning Jill.
by St0rmshadow May 19, 2008
v. (Past Simple) The past action of Ass Canning. When an individual has been on the receiving end of anal sex.
Last night Johnny was ass canning Jill while watching the evening news. The next morning, Jill was speaking to her best friend Melissa about the previous night of anal sex. Jill told Melissa, "Johnny ass canned me good, and I can barely sit down today."
by St0rmshadow May 19, 2008
n. Anal sex. Putting the male genitalia into a male or female butthole.
Johnny likes doggie, reverse cowboy and to ass can when getting his rocks off with Jill.
by St0rmshadow May 19, 2008
Similar to getting owned, 0wned, pwned, 0wn3d, pwn3d, own3d. Except your decimation has come at a complete surprise. For instance, being one-shotted from an enemy in hiding. Or turning the corner and running into 12 of your enemies. They all blast at the same time and you instantly drop. Also, a Raid Boss kill can be WTF Truck.
I was grinding away just about to level when I got wtf truck by a pos kos rival.
by St0rmshadow April 01, 2009

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