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A female given name of Greek origin meaning ("gift of the gods").
Dorothy's smile was as bright as the sun shining above me.
#names #female #baby names #hellenic name #beautiful.
by justaman November 22, 2007
Beautiful and cute, has long legs and hair. model like body. athletic, and smart. great personality, tall, and slender. makes friends easily. everyone likes her. has braces. great actress, and can kick your ass in a fight. exellent dancer. knows many languages, no pimples, soft baby skin
"I wish i could be a dorothy"
#beautiful #cute #tall #5' 7,loved, smart, athletic
by nagami123 October 20, 2009
person who is drop-dead gorgeous, brilliant, modest, appreciative, responsible, quick-witted and objective.
beautiful feet
Who could help but to love that Dorothy?
#names #people #medrad #lover #ideal
by jackass68 March 04, 2010
Small bundle of sexual vitality
Do not feed the Dorothy.
by Zyzzva March 02, 2005
Dorothy is beautiful. Very short, short hair, and a straight out personality. Has bad mood swings, but can be an extremyly fun and kind friend. You wouldn't want to get on her bad side though. She can be shy at time, but if you mess with her, you will get hurt.
#beautiful #short #kind #mood #friend
by ToyStory67 June 26, 2011
Perhaps the most elusive fantasy creature to ever grace the earth. Her beauty and raw sexuality could ignite a man's soul!
Dorothy makes the heavens weep.
#dorthy #dorothea #dotty #dots #megababe
by Ragin Hormone February 04, 2010
A kind hearted and friendly person but who will generally not give a shit about you if your not her friend. She is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent and has a good personality. Do not pick a fight with her because she will knock you the fuck out literally. Over all she is basically perfect and you would be honoured to call her a friend.
Literally Dorothy
#awesome #sexy #smart #badass #funny
by PurpleDolphins December 06, 2013
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