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fired; to lose your job
he got canned from his job for slacking off too much
by [c0x0r] August 10, 2004
Call center jargon. Short for "shit canned." It can be used to mean getting fired, but it is usually implied that you were canned for a stupid reason, usually called a bullshit reason. Call centers are notorious for making up lame excuses for firing employees in order to improve their financial forcast.
Rob got canned from Deathbridge again today.
by Majik Fox October 28, 2004
1) Usually means to get fired.
2) Depending on context, can also be an adjective that means roughly predefined.
1) My faggot boss canned me for reading TribalWar too much at work.
2) Canned chat items in a video game. Usually performed by entering a short combination of letters or numbers. Many times accompanied by a short voice clip.
by aCynicalPie January 21, 2005
1. Being too standardized or too uniform in nature.
2. Being a generalization.
1. The silicone made her tits look canned.
2. The suck-ass gave the professor a canned opinion of the literature.
by Pat McGoohan March 01, 2004

1. dismissed, fired

2. alcohol intoxicated, drunk

3. pre-recorded and added to the sound used in a show
Canned laughter used to be a standard addition to tv shows.
by Light Joker March 31, 2007
Over done and over used to the point of being old, predictable, tiresome, cliche.
Sci-fi is so canned, I can tell exactly what's going to happen before it happens.
by Polka-dotted-cow April 26, 2008
1. Usually meaning to "get fired" i.e lose your job.

2. Can also mean when a show goes off the air.

**Possibly derived from the word "cancelled".**
ex. Did you hear about Bobby? He got canned yesterday, I hear he's hitting up unemployment today.

ex. Oh no, I thought for sure wawa-we would get canned after the stampede.
by So and So from.. you know August 03, 2006
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