An Ass Bandit, is a overly homo-sexual who loves to be on the short end of the leash.
Shane is an ass bandit.
by Sido94 July 01, 2009
A homosexual nymphomaniac.
Look at that ass bandit over there.
by Jdspilllyy November 17, 2009
One who pokes ass with his penis. A perpetrator of anal indecency. One who practices sodomy. A homosexual male. A male who enjoys a a good game of ass darts.
Dude! I accidentally walked in on John while he was poking Henry in his keester. Wow, what an ass bandit!
by Poken U. Rarse December 04, 2011
An elderly man who goes around and snatches anal innocence from other old men.
you hear about the ass bandit run amock in the streets today?
by Dirty Chuck and the Rascals June 16, 2011
ass bandit
noun: vulgar slang (also ass burglar)
1 a male homosexual sodomite or pederast.
2 an eager seducer of young women.
1 if you want to avoid ass bandits, why would come into this bar?
2 such ass bandits young men are these days!
by hb94 September 22, 2009
A guy that raids another man's ass and steals it (Humps it). See Butt Pirate
Steve went all Ass Bandit like that scene from Indiana Jones
by TheHairyDicktator April 21, 2015
A flaming fag that thinks he can swipe or rip off a piece of man bootie.
"hey Queer, let go of my ass!~! because I know you werent reaching for my wallet!"
by Skinny Pimp November 12, 2003
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