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A gesture used to replace that word you can't remember
He emlyn-ed, trying to stall for time to think of the answer.
by sweenej5 November 25, 2007
a very beautiful and sweet person. a person you can count on, who will never let you down, who is emotional and sensitive. a person who is always cheerful on the outside but you never on the inside. always puts others before them, and is trustworthy.
wow emlyn is so sweet.
by sweetme January 05, 2014
1. A high-educated classy woman.
2. A girl that can punch really hard.
3. Usually a tough-up, pin-up girl-like.
4. Most likely a british man's name but highly used in
America as a woman's name.
1. Did you see Emlyn hitting Vanessa, boy that's going to leave a scar for life!
by Emmlyn December 22, 2010
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