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A girl who has mastered the art of oral sex performed on a male. It is more of a compliment than a derogative term. Looks particularly good with a fresh load of cum on her face.
Man-"Baby youre my Cum Angel"
Woman- "I love you"
by U2rockyoursocks August 27, 2006
Male who likes male ass. Known as Homosexual Or Fag. Often talks with a lisp.

Do not bend over in close proximity to an ass bandit or you’re in for a goosing. One of their favorite pastimes.

Assbandits do not make good friends. As bandits also like to take it in the rear.
"watch the motherfuck out, there's ASS BANDITS ABOUT!"

by U2rockyoursocks August 27, 2006
The gaelic for BEER used for a girl/chick/lash/ho WRONGLY.

Some drunk lad from lets say limerick if it is so widely used there as the above person states. Must have got drinks mixed up

Fíona meaning WINE and Beor meaning BEER are usually found on the same page of basic irish books, usually in, the food and drink secion. Somehow this drunk probably in 4th class has started a tradition of calling a girl a beor (beer) and knacker(guy) a Fíon(wine).

If things were right itd be the other way around. But theres no hope.
"fine arse on that beor"

"hes a shmelly fion"
by U2rockyoursocks August 25, 2006
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